Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Party Favor} Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe + Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

I made these 2 variations of sidewalk chalk as favors for my daughter's birthday makes me very happy that our guests and readers have liked them so much, so after several requests, I am posting the information so that YOU can make them too! There are 2 for molded sidewalk chalk and one for sidewalk chalk paint....see below!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint:
In a large bowl, I mixed cornstarch + powdered tempera paint.  You can add as much or as little tempera as you like, but note that the color will darken quite a bit when water is added and it's actually ready to use!  I used small containers and put 3 (1 of each color) into each favor box.  I tied a paint brush to the top, tied it up with some ribbon, and added a cute label!  These are great summer party favors!

Molded Sidewalk Chalk:
Mix together 1 cup of Plaster of Paris with 1 cup of water. Add color to your mixture using powdered tempera paint. Blend well and let stand for a few minutes. Pour your mixture into the silicone molds. Set aside and let dry completely. Once dry you can remove your chalk from the mold. Set it aside to dry for approximately 24 hours more.

I purchased some great silicone molds from Sillycone and they have a variety of shapes to choose from!

Friday, June 17, 2011

2nd Birthday Bash!

The theme for this 2nd birthday was the number "2" and party ended up being really easy to work with and fun to put together!  The invitations are from our shop and the printables can be found here as well! We had a dessert table with Jello Jigglers in the shape of "2"....who doesn't love Jello, right?  We also did cones with cotton candy puffs inside.  And of course, cupcakes! The decorations were simple with lime green, aqua and purple accents.  The nice thing about this party theme was that it could obviously be used for any age.  I like to make my own cupcakes and am always in search of cute decorations to make them stand out.  I typically do fondant toppers, but decided to go a different route and they turned out great! Sweet'n Treats did such an amazing job and the toppers could not have been any easier to use! They have lots of designs to choose from, but I opted to send my own design so that it coordinated with the invitations and printables.....the toppers are printed on edible sugar paper and you just lay them on top of your cupcakes....voila!  We also had plenty of my favorite polka dotted balloons from Ziggos....they make any party more fun!  The favor table was my favorite.....the favors were fabulous cookies by Whip It Good, that had been done to match the invitations. We also had sidewalk chalk paint in really cute containers (if I do say so myself!). And lastly, sidewalk chalk that had been molded into the number "2".

Monday, June 13, 2011

FREE 4th of July Printables!

Paperbox Press just reached 500 fans on Facebook! In celebration, I'm giving away 10 pages of FREE 4th of July party printables! Banners, pinwheels, cupcake toppers, smores bag toppers, water bottle labels, and more! You may view samples of the printables towards the bottom of this post but your files will be sent to you as PDF's. Enjoy the freebie and thanks for your support! Simply submit your email address into the form below and your files will be automatically emailed to you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

{Real Parties} Vintage Airplane Birthday party

This adorable vintage airplane birthday party was sent to use from one of our sweet customers who did a great job and you can tell it was a very special day for her birthday boy! They used our vintage airplane invitation and accessorized the party with our coordinating printables! I think my favorite thing is the super cute mini suitcase that she used to display the favors.....and the airplane books are such a GREAT idea for favors!!   LOVE the chocolate globes and the swirl lollipops where she used the cupcake toppers to decorate....SO cute!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl Birth Announcement!

I absolutely LOVE doing birth announcements. When this came through, I was in awe of this sweet baby....I rarely post pictures of orders, but this one will make you heart almost makes me want to have another little bundle ;) I said ALMOST. I loved the double sided feature on this one, where they added a adorable family portrait to the back. This is one beautiful family! I think it was a year and a half until I got a decent picture of my crew all together! If you are shopping for birth announcements, check out our designs in our SHOP!