Monday, December 19, 2011

Bowling 40th Birthday!

This post is long overdue, but in the midst of holiday chaos, I've decided to MAKE the time to share it!  This was a very special 40th bowling birthday that was not only cute, but FUN!  The birthday girl really wanted a venue where she could have her kids enjoy the celebration, but also make it an adult event.  Sooo, we decided to do a bowling were invited for the first 2 hours.....and then the rest of the night was adults only.  Worked out great!!  Since it was a later evening party, we did appetizers and two favorite food groups!  Please forgive the lighting in these photos....bowling alley lighting is NOT easy to work with!!

How cute are these bowling ball cake pops?!!  Thanks, Kelly for making them just perfect.  Turns out that a bowling ball is a really easy can turn anything in a round shape into a bowling ball with just 3 little dots!  We used the idea on the sugar cookies too!

Lynlee's Petite Cakes did it again.....little masterpieces of fondant!!  
My favorite were the bowling pins and balls....her attention to detail is amazing!

You know how I love to coordinate.....and I just LOVE that Sweet'n Treats can customize edible toppers to mach any of my themes.  I've used them on cupcakes and they are great....this time, I used them to top royal icing on sugar cookies and they turned out adorable.  

Photo of my new favorite things!  It was especially fun with the kids, but putting all of the photos together after the party made such a nice keepsake for the birthday girl.  We used small chalkboards for people to write special notes.  

We pulled the dessert table decorations together with some printables from our shop!
  BTW, we haven't added the bowling design to the site yet, but just put "bowling" as the party and we'll send you whatever you need! 
The birthday girl's mom sent these all the way from Texas.....poms to cute-ify the bowling shoes :)

Decorating in a bowling alley is a bit limited....but we used these printables on handle bags to hold a bouquet of worked as a simple centerpiece.

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