Thursday, March 3, 2011

Construction Zone Birthday Party

I feel SOOOO lucky to have Sarah from Chachke Designs as a designer for Paperbox Press. These are some pictures from her son's 3rd birthday party....obviously with a construction zone theme. As a fellow mom of a toddler boy, I know there are few things that little boys love more than trucks, dirt, and construction equipment! Not only does this party LOOK amazing, but it appears the kids had a blast! Sarah, if we lived in the same state, I would insist on being added to your permanent party guest list!

Invitations from Paperbox Press

Cupcake Wraps/Toppers, Favor Tags, additional coordinating party paper goods

Dump Truck Soaps

Construction Cone Cups


  1. where did you find the "tools" thing for the silverware?

  2. Your construction party was amazing! It served as inspiration for my son's "Digger" party so THANK YOU!
    Erin @

  3. How can I order? I need some of your tools for the silverware asap I've been trying to figure out how to do them but they just aren't as nice as yours..
    my email is

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